Wonky has been a word that I’ve used a lot recently to describe how I feel. To describe those deep rooted demons scratching their way to the surface. The bad habits that take energy to resist. It’s fair to say I’ve been silent the past few weeks.

I’m in a…

… I just ride a bike

I am finally starting to feel my legs again. The sunburn has died down and the insect bites are less itchy. I’ve just returned from a short 3-day trip cycling from Milton Keynes to Oxford and back again. The long way. A total of 110 miles through 4 counties, sandwiched mostly between the M1 and the M40.

I suppose it would make sense to explain why I felt the need to write this down. Well, the answer is really quite simple. Imposter syndrome is in full swing. I’m about to take on perhaps one of my biggest challenges soon. Cycling across the UK. Coast to Coast. Am…

Hayley Dow

Lover of pizza, puppies and bikes. Peeling post it notes off my brain one at a time.

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